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Jiang Yike futureway at asia.com
Sun Oct 10 02:03:43 CEST 2010

In my opinion, Mageia distro's version can set as 2011.0 (2011 Spring) and 2011.1 (2011 Autumn). The secondary version "0" is released in every spring, and the "1" is released in every autumn.

I also wish that, the series of Magiea includes:

Mageia One (as Mandriva One): official GNOME and KDE.

Mageia Free (as Mandriva Free): official GNOME and KDE, all softwares are free softwares.

And, I hope that the present Mandriva Linux system (One and Free) can be upgraded to Mageia (One and Free) without re-installation of a new system.

Best regards,
Jiang Yike

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Sander Lepik a écrit :

  02.10.2010 18:22, Remco Rijnders kirjutas:

On Sat, Oct 02, 2010 at 03:13:27PM +0000, André Machado wrote:

* Mageia 2011.0 ?
* Mageia 2001.1 ?
* Mageia 11.01 ? :D
* Mageia 1.0 ?

20xx.0 ->  20xx.1 is perfect. Tho' 20xx.0 should be released at spring time and 20xx.1 later
the same year. At the moment it doesn't make sense and many friends have asked why is 20xy
released in 20x(y-1).

Exactly.  Mandriva version numbering sounds like we are selling cars.  (You know, all image and no substance.)
So let's go for Mageia 2010.1 if we can do it this fall.  (Hopefully)
And Mageia 2011.0 in the spring.
Note that we will have to recompile to change Mandriva to Mageia, so changing the version number should cause no problem.

How about instead of using 0 or 1, use the month number instead? So, .3
for a release made in March. That way we are always "up to date" and can
allow for release schedules slipping or having a 3rd release within a year
if needed / fitting.

Such versioning is bad. It forces you into time limit like it is with Ubuntu. And i don't
like it. When the release needs to be delayed it's better to do so. Not to push it out and
then land loads of fixes on it like has happened to Ubuntu. Also you don't have to remember
which month it was released in year 2008. Was it 2008.3 or 2008.5?

It is a lot simpler to use 0 or 1.
If the month is used, and there is a delay for some reason, would you want to have to change the names of 100's of files ?
Including the dependancies in the RPM's ?
Otherwise, the month would have no more meaning than 0 or 1.

And why would you want 3 releases in a year ?  With the pace of changes in Linux, 2 seems just right.  If there are any important updates, for security, for instance, that is already built into the Mandriva system we are inheriting (like virtually all others).


- André (andre999)

Why not make them read the version info from one place? (on a long term...)

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