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Margot margot at otfordduckscomputers.co.uk
Sun Oct 10 09:56:57 CEST 2010

On Sat, 09 Oct 2010 20:03:43 -0400
Jiang Yike <futureway at asia.com> wrote:

> In my opinion, Mageia distro's version can set as 2011.0 (2011
> Spring) and 2011.1 (2011 Autumn). The secondary version "0" is
> released in every spring, and the "1" is released in every autumn.

If we want Mageia to appeal to users worldwide, it would be better
not to use Spring and Autumn (or any other seasonal) labels - at
the time of writing we are now enjoying Autumn in the UK,
but it is Spring in New Zealand :-)

If we go for two releases each year, perhaps they could be 2011.2
and 2011.4 - a release due in the 2nd quarter of the year, and
another in the 4th quarter?

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