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Ahmad Samir ahmadsamir3891 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 13:20:52 CEST 2010

On 23 October 2010 10:12, Morgan Leijström <fri at tribun.eu> wrote:
> Den 2010-10-23 07:16:51 skrev Ahmad Samir:
>> With the current installer you can select "customize" (instead of
>> selecting KDE or GNOME) and uncheck all the options there when you
>> click next the installer will even give you options to:
>> - install/not-install X
>> - install/not-install suggested packages
>> - go with a really minimal system and not install even urpmi
>> So, either it's a new user, he can select KDE or GNOME; or it's an
>> advanced/experienced user, he can deselect all the packages he wants,
>> and go with a very minimal system to begin with and then add the bits
>> and pieces he wants.
> It is good so far.
> (And maybe we could add LXDE or other light environment as option like KDE and
> GNOME for a noob that want to try put life in his old computer but is scared
> off from customised mode)

LXDE, as the default lightweight fallback DE, is installed by default
if you select KDE or GNOME :)

But if you want LXDE to be next to KDE and GNOME, then XFCE should
also be added... but that would be a bit cluttered, IMHO.

> But maybe there should be less packages included in the 2 or 3 complete
> desktop alternatives, and instead after first desktop bootup open some noob
> friendly program chooser/installer in accordance with Juergens part 2) above?

Well, you see, for a new user, in the first days, he probably doesn't
yet know what is what, so he's grateful to find stuff just work, (a
good text editor: kwrite, a terminal emulator: konsole, a familiar web
browser: firefox... etc). It'll take him me some time before he starts
to need to customise the system.

> But, it IS convenient for most users to have at least Firefox by default, and
> this and that.. have to put the limit somewhere.  Maybe the user should
> choose office suite afterwards, email program, another browser, and be
> presented simple methods to select CD burnig, music player, video editing,
> gaming etc.
> But, that raises next question: should Mageia propose a short list of programs
> we propose, and how should thoose be chosen?  Then maybe user thinks, oh is
> there so few program and not this progam X that I like, although Mageia do
> have it, but he need to use the full installer to see them...
> Need to be crafted so it without clutter give noobs a clear wiew, but at the
> same time encourages and makes possible to use the whole repos when he knows
> what he is after.
> Maybe just simply add a "proposed programs" section to drakrpm, and make it
> open it by default, and make drakrpm start upon desktop boot until user cliks
> a box to have it not to.  So the user get the best served in his face,
> without limiting his choices, nor he need to know yet another app, and we
> need not do much development for it.
> BTW, it should configure normal repos automatically, and it should be more
> noob friendly to add, with exlanations, and a button from drakrpm dialog.

Yes, but I see "proposed" == rpm suggests; I don't see a new user
being able to make such decisions before he familiarises himself with
the system, only then can he start uninstalling what he thinks he
doesn't need.

Bug reports / suggestions to change default apps were usually
considered carefully and default apps do change if that bug report /
suggestion is reasonable....

Ahmad Samir

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