[Mageia-discuss] Mageia-discuss Digest, Vol 2, Issue 137

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Sat Oct 30 21:38:53 CEST 2010

Juergen Harms a écrit :
> On 10/29/2010 05:44 PM, Dj Marian wrote:
>> So instead of guessing, or saving on the internet maybe a quick question
>> at the beginning of the install asking ´How do you rate your experience
>> with linux?´ beginner medium advanced expert... new ones should get a
>> small list to choose programs from (tested and easy to use soft)... and
>> some easy way to find what isn´t in the small list
> I like that too. But (not limited to this, but related to the issue of 
> questions asked by the installer in general):
> If a question is asked, there should also be a couple of words 
> explaining what the consequence of different replies is. Trying to 
> assess alternatives to Mandriva, I have done first-time installs of a 
> lot of "new" distributions these last months: it is painful to be 
> fired at with a question where you have to make an educated guess on 
> the consequences and the ramifications of your reply (example: do you 
> want to verify your CDROM - if you say yes, you will be faced with a 
> long period of waiting. Some distros provide info on this question, 
> others dont).
> My recommendation: make it a principle that questions from the 
> installer come with a short explanation (evidently, there are exceptions).

At least one other distribution is excellent compared to Mandriva in 
this regard.

On reflection, asking the user their level of experience with Linux is 
too subjective to be useful.  A user with extensive development 
experience in other environments could think "beginner", a non-computer 
person who has a lot of experience with another Linux distribution could 
think "expert", but the first could be closer to expert, and the second 
much closer to beginner.

But considering the point of the question, that the user have enough 
information to install easily and with confidence, well written short 
explanations go a long way to satisfying this need.
Perhaps a well-phrased question, with an "information" button to the 
right to display a sub-window with the explanation.  This explanation 
should be in terms understandable by those with little computer 
experience, but with enough info for the more advanced user.
(This may seem contradictory; it just needs someone with good 
documentation skills.)

Combining (1) short explanations
with (2) installation groups
and (3) folding of related packages to one line (expandable)
will greatly help newer users, while making more detail and options 
available for advanced users.

another 2 cents :)

- André

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