[Mageia-discuss] Mageia-discuss Digest, Vol 2, Issue 137

Dale Huckeby spock at evansville.net
Sun Oct 31 07:07:53 CET 2010

On Fri, 29 Oct 2010, Marc Paré wrote:

> I am more in favour of the sequence, at installation, when you get to the 
> point where you choose "KDE" "GNOME" "Custom", the user picks "Custom" where 
> she/he is presented with options for "Young Family"; SOHO; "Gaming" 
> "Education"; "Business"; "Development"; etc. The user could pick more than 
> one choice that will bst suit the description of his present preference of 
> installation. Of course some of the packages may appear in one or more list, 
> but there will be no doubling of installed packages. These options are very 
> clear and easily understandable by all.
> Categories such as "Beginner" "Medium" "Advanced" and "Expert" are very 
> subjective terms. What one may consider an "Advanced" person may really be a 
> "Medium" user by someone else's definition and etc.

Options should be based on usage, not on a category the user belongs to.
Hence "Development" is a meaningful choice, because it describes a
specific kind of usage, whereas "Young Family" is basically incoherent.
Spell out the things you think a young family will typically use a
computer for, and let those USAGES be part of the list the person

Dale Huckeby

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