[Mageia-discuss] Suggestions for the ISO

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Sun Oct 31 23:54:49 CET 2010

Marc Paré a écrit :
> Le 2010-10-30 21:12, Graham Lauder a écrit :
>> On Saturday 30 Oct 2010 02:47:26 Renaud (Ron) OLGIATI wrote:
>>> On Friday 29 October 2010, my mailbox was graced by a missive
>>>   from Kira<elegant.pegasus at gmail.com>  who wrote:
>>>> This one is already been replied: In some place in this world, some
>>>> countries don't have enough bandwidth to support such big downloading
>>>> data(May cause days...).
>>>> A might perfect solution is that making custom images according to the
>>>> need of downloader, but currently we don't seem to have such plan.
>>> Fot such a case, a CD .iso that does a minimal install (with all 
>>> locales
>>> offered), and leave the big packages (OO, Gimp, all the games etc) 
>>> to be
>>> downloaded at leisure later.
>> Oh god nonono! You obviously have a broadband connection.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Ron.
>> CD or DVD, either is too big to download on my dialup.  a 700meg cd 
>> would take
>> a week to download considering that I have to keep phone line free 
>> during the
>> day and early evening.(that's of course as long as the server supports
>> resuming and the download doesn't break, which of course you don't 
>> find out
>> until the end, then you have to start all over. :/
Current Mandriva downloads can be resumed.  (Sometimes have to do that 
many times during DVD downloads.)  You can resume from another server if 
necessary.  (Which I have already had to do when my nearest server went 
down for maintenance.)
I use aria2 (console application), for which I've also configured Rpmdrake.
Just have to ensure that the downloader can resume.  I think the default 
downloader (wget ?) can resume as well.
>> People with limited connectivity want to be able to obtain media with
>> everything they are likely to need plus all the options if possible.
Very true.  Although having to download the occasional program shouldn't 
cause problems.
>> It's why I went with OpenSUSE rather than Ubuntu,  Suse comes on a 
>> dualsided
>> DVD, 64 bit one side, 32 bit the other, live gnome and kde sessions 
>> on both
>> sides and lots of options so that you can install a full system of 
>> your choice
>> from desktop to webserver without needing a broadband connection.
That is a fantastic way of doing it.
(Well, evidently not totally on the side of fantasy :) )
If the 32-bit is put on the first side, potential users with one-sided 
dvd readers could still access what they need.  64-bit users would 
almost assuredly having readers capable of reading both sides.
In less rich markets, many users would still have CD writers with DVD 
reading capabilities, as long as it is one-sided.
>> Ubuntu on the other hand /only/ comes on CD with one DE and a basic 
>> desktop
>> only install and it assumes you have a network connection, yet it 
>> can't setup
>> a dialup connection during install, MDK 8.0 used to do that no problem.
If MDK 8 did it (on the "one" CDs I presume), it shouldn't be difficult 
to ensure that on the first Mageia release.
>> Please, DVD and a way to obtain the media at a reasonable price.
The approach in Germany - 5 euros volontary donation sounds good to me.  
Basically covering the cost of the DVD and mailing.
I still have this image of you passing out free ISOs at a trade show ... :)
>> Cheers
>> GL
> Would there be a way to restore the capability for dialup connection 
> at install time?
That's currently available with Mandriva, unless I'm mistaken.
There is (at least was recently) a question for other media and network 
connexion for download.  The connexion could be dialup or other.  
However there is the tricky problem of ensuring that the appropriate 
dialup drivers are available.  I understand that the "one" CDs have such 
pilots, but not the "free" DVDs (which I use).
> I like the Community approach that Wobo suggested.
+ 1000 :)
I think being decentralised (by local community) has the advantage of 
being able to adapt to local conditions, as well.
> Marc

- André

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