[Mageia-discuss] Suggestions for the ISO

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Mon Nov 1 06:54:16 CET 2010

Marc Paré a écrit :
> Le 2010-10-31 13:49, Juergen Harms a écrit :
>> On 10/31/2010 04:24 PM, Marc Paré wrote:
>>> I agree. This is where a great Mageia Community would delegate the CD
>>> burning to a member or "neighbour". Maybe even offer some help with
>>> installation and trouble-shooting too.
>> Yes, that is the spirit of my suggestion (and that does not go far
>> beyond what is happening all the time in a forum).
>> I start wondering: is there a hidden formal issue with sending CDROMs
>> "left and right" - not within a more or less well-defined Mageia-userxx
>> community? Certainly no problem if I give a couple of CDROMs to some
>> neighbours I know (for instance via forum acquaintanceship). But what if
>> I do the same thing with people I dont know at all? and, moreover, if I
>> start claiming that I do this "on behalf of / by delegation from Mageia?
>> Would be good if - once the time comes - Mageia formulates a couple of
>> words on what Mageia considers good practice, and what not.
Good idea.

> Yes, then, it would be good if Mageia had a policy regarding the 
> burning of discs. However, let's remember that a user asking for a DVD 
> due to his not being able to download from the Mageia site is asking 
> for help to download the Mageia product from the Mageia site. She/He 
> could in essence be given a computer a the Community (headquarters) 
> and he/she could download and burn the ISO. There would be no need for 
> a policy in this case.
> Now if a member of the Community did the same, would this be in the 
> name of the Mageia group.
> I can see where the Community "mass" produced the discs and started 
> passing them to complete strangers who had no idea of Mageia, well, 
> then there should be a policy about the burning and of the community 
> involvement.
Yes.  We really would prefer that Mageia ISOs not be considered 
"interesting" frisbees :)
> Marc

There is already a policy in the GPL license - we are free to copy and 
distribute as long as we don't remove copyright notices.
So there is no problem copying and distributing an identical copy of an 
official ISO.
Any non-GPL package on the ISO would be freely distributable with the ISO.
(Mandriva/Mageia have the right to distribute the ISO with its content, 
and are not adding any restrictions to those that copy the ISO.)
This also applies to any complete package from an ISO or repository, 
with the possible exception of certain non-free packages, according to 
their particular license.

I can see Mageia having suggestions on best practices for distributing 
ISOs, for instance always verifying the checksum, and ensuring that the 
checksum is available on an accessible web site.
Since Mageia and mirrors will already have the checksums available for 
official ISOs, it is easier to distribute copies of official ISOs.

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