[Mageia-discuss] Suggestions for the ISO

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Wed Nov 3 07:46:18 CET 2010

Le 2010-11-03 02:24, Luca Berra a écrit :

> I don't know what to say...
> I think the idea behind jigdo is very nice, but probably in our fast
> moving and consumistic world anything that goes against waste of
> resources is uncool.
> I wonder if you and others took the time to look at what the thing does
> besides reading the warning and jumping at the chance to bash me. And
> being pedantic i'd like to point out that i initially stated "something
> like jigdo"
> googling i bit it appears redhat did a rewrite in python (using
> twisted), it has been last updated about 1 year ago. Being what it is i
> do not really expect it to be updated very often. for a comparison last
> wget release was on september 2009.
> Jigdo is a simple tool whose purpose is to merge package files plus a
> template in order to create a finished iso, identical to the one that a
> distribution would provide.
> About the issue you raise, i may be partial here, but i would like to
> point out:
> The project is in "maintenance mode" does not mean: "the project is
> unmaintained"
> the tool is widely used (debian, ubuntu) so i guess in case a security
> issue is found, the community could easily provide a fix.
> L.

OK, I am not a dev., but even myself, I would be a little leery of a 
piece of software that no longer had a maintainer nor that the site was 
pretty well in moth balls. However, if, like you said, RedHat had 
updated it and was using it, maybe look to RedHat for the download for 
the tool?

So, we took a little turn in the conversation, is it possible to have a 
copy of Mageia + updates on one ISO DVD/CD for Communities to use for 
people who do not have access to high speed or simply no internet 
connection at all?

Do you think that Mageia could offer this service or would it just be 
too much time to devote for this?


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