[Mageia-discuss] Suggestions for the ISO

Jérôme Hénin heninj at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 18:30:20 CET 2010

On 3 November 2010 17:23, Kristoffer Grundström
<kristoffer.grundstrom1983 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Since Linux is about opensource & Mageia is built with it, could we just
> include programs only based on opensource?
> For example:
> Gnash instead of Adobe's Flashplayer
> Java-1.6.0-openjdk instead of Java-1.6.0-sun
> Perhaps an option in the installer to choose between them?

Giving the user that choice is the current Mandriva policy, and I
don't see an intention to change it in Mageia. It's actually stated in
the Mageia Values.

> Also...........graphically I feel the installer & its layout is kinda
> boring.
> Have you compared with other installers to make a better one?

Personally, I *like* my OS installers boring. For the following reasons:
1) I should be using them only rarely
2) when I do, I should focus on what I am doing, not on the looks of
the installer.

So I like a clean-looking installer with a focus on reliability,
functionality, reliability, and more reliability.

Just my tuppence.

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