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david david.naura at laposte.net
Fri Nov 5 18:29:57 CET 2010

Le 05/11/2010 03:12, andre999 a écrit :
>> Le 2010-11-02 08:02, Tux99 a écrit :
>>> On Tue, 2 Nov 2010, Frank Griffin wrote:
>>>> Tux99 wrote:
>>>>> On Mon, 1 Nov 2010, Frank Griffin wrote:
>>>>>> Weak point:
>>>>>> Unless you are prepared to do full intensive QA on the updated 
>>>>>> distro,
>>>>>> the quality of these updated ISOs can be significantly lower than 
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> quality of the original release ISO.  Since it will look, for all
>>>>>> intents and purposes, like the release ISO, that level of quality 
>>>>>> will
>>>>>> be what people expect of it.
>>>>> Nonsense. The normal updates are not any more unstable than the 
>>>>> original
>>>>> release, rather the contrary.
>>>> I suggest you review MDV's release procedures.  Full releases and
>>>> security updates go through formal QA.  Backports are often not even
>>>> tested by the person building the rpm.
>>> Backports? Who is talking about backports?
>>> We are talking about normal security and bug-fix updates here.
> If one selects "all updates" in Rpmdrake, it includes backports, if 
> such repositorys are enabled.
>>>> And they get addressed through updates which themselves go through QA.
>>> Exactly, that's why it make sense to release an updated iso with them
>>> included.
>> Agreed, we are not talking about backports at all. This issue is 
>> about giving out an ISO disk with all official updates (to that date) 
>> to people who cannot have their slow telephone hookup tied up for the 
>> day to download our Mageia product or to user who have no hookup to 
>> the internet at all.
>> Surely, the official updates have been thoroughly tested just as the 
>> original release? It not, then a warning should be put out to 
>> users/members that the official updates do not have the same level of 
>> QA as the original release.
>> Marc
> Even bugfixes often have errors.  Many times I've seen bugfixes of 
> bugfixes, and sometimes bugfixes of bugfixes of bugfixes.  (If you 
> read the description.)
> If we go for incremental rpms (very much smaller), the only advantage 
> I see is for those without Internet connexion.
> In that case, they wouldn't likely be vulnerable to security problems. 
>  So that leaves (other) bugfixes.
> This is something that I think, for the time being at least, can be 
> best adressed on an individual or local community basis.
> - André
There is a solution called draklive. Maybe could it be usefull to take 
advantage of this tool to rebuild automatically by a script on the 
servers the isos from updated repositories. I do it locally for my work 
to install mdv rapidly.
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