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Margot margot at otfordduckscomputers.co.uk
Sat Nov 6 10:04:36 CET 2010

On Fri, 05 Nov 2010 16:24:11 -0400
Marc Paré <marc at marcpare.com> wrote:

> Le 2010-11-04 22:12, andre999 a écrit :
> >
> > Even bugfixes often have errors. Many times I've seen bugfixes
> > of bugfixes, and sometimes bugfixes of bugfixes of bugfixes.
> > (If you read the description.)
> > If we go for incremental rpms (very much smaller), the only
> > advantage I see is for those without Internet connexion.
> > In that case, they wouldn't likely be vulnerable to security
> > problems. So that leaves (other) bugfixes.
> > This is something that I think, for the time being at least,
> > can be best adressed on an individual or local community basis.
> >
> > - André
> >
> >
> Therefore, for a Mageia Community to supply an ISO to a member
> who has dial-up services but is seeking help from the community
> for an ISO download. Options would be:
> * provide user with ISO from Mageia without any updates
> * provide a user with ISO from Mageia with incremental updates
> * provide a user with ISO from Mageia with all updates
> Obviously, the two last options are not available from Mageia as
> this is what this thread was all about. Unless there were built
> ISO's at the Mageia download site. The main concerns really are
> the amount of disk space on Mageia servers and mirrors. But these
> last two ISO's could be built somehow if the server space could
> be accommodated and also if there was dev interest in doing these
> ISOs.
> Marc

You missed my suggestion - provide 2 discs, one with the original
(thoroughly tested) release ISO, and a second disc with the latest
set of updates.

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