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Margot margot at otfordduckscomputers.co.uk
Sat Nov 6 10:08:34 CET 2010

On Fri, 05 Nov 2010 16:35:06 -0400
Marc Paré <marc at marcpare.com> wrote:

> Le 2010-11-05 10:01, Juergen Harms a écrit :
> > On 11/05/2010 06:55 AM, andre999 wrote:
> >> I would make all delta updates relative to the distro release,
> >> i.e.
> >> - main = foo-1
> >> - upd_full = foo-2, foo-3, foo-4, etc
> >
> > I have a feeling that just distributing snapshots of the update
> > repositories (they are relative the release) is a wise thing to
> > start with. That is simple, does not require new software and
> > is easy to put in place. If Mageia wants to go further, it
> > might be a good step to learn from (how much is it used, what
> > has a tendency to go wrong, do people have difficutlies ...)
> > and base furthers steps upon.
> >
> > Re risk - updates have a certain risk that an update introduces
> > problems, you cant get away from that, however the packages are
> > distributed.
> >
> > One thought based on dealing with risks and being selective with
> > introducing updates: how about adding to a DVD with update
> > packages also a structure (plain file ?) with the
> > corresonponding security advisories? This entire discusion is
> > on making life easy for users with bad connectivity - they
> > might like to avoid fetching advisories over the net also.
> >
> > But I really think that some learning is necessary. How many
> > users will need such a facility? how much investment is
> > justified in creating the facility?
> >
> I think it's more of how much have people become accustomed to
> having their dial-up connections tied up for hours for an ISO
> download and then updates.
> I am on two projects, Mageia and LibreOffice, and on both I have
> read from people who were hoping to be heard that they only have
> dial-up and could this please be considered. I think that dial-up
> connections are more prevalent than we think. We "high speed"
> internet users seem to lose sight that some of our market targets
> are dial-up service members.
> I don't know if they would use any of these services. They may
> have become so accustomed to tying up their phone lines for long
> periods of time, that they may not even care any more even if
> Community services were available. It may mean a matter of their
> local Mageia Community advertising the fact that these service
> are available.
> Marc

It's not just dial-up - many people in the UK only have mobile
broadband, which is very expensive if you exceed the minimal
bandwidth allowance (for some contracts, only 1GB a month). For some
of those people, downloading a DVD-sized ISO would be impossible.

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