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andréb andr55 at laposte.net
Mon Nov 22 04:32:04 CET 2010

Marc Paré a écrit :
> Le 2010-11-18 04:22, Romain d'Alverny a écrit :
>> Hi everyone,
>> so, logo proposals deadline was past week, Monday Nov. 9th. Proposals
>> were sent to http://www.flickr.com/groups/mageia-art/pool/ (you may
>> need to be logged in Flickr to actually see all proposals).
>> First, on behalf of the board, let me thank all artists who invested
>> in this and published a proposal. 113 posters, for 429 posts. There
>> have been lots of different ideas, some matching the guidelines
>> (http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=artguide#logo_design_guidelines),
>> some not matching. So again, thank you to all, a lot, for your ideas
>> and your work.
> Yes, a heartfelt congratulations to all of those who contributed. Very 
> much appreciated.
> My four picks (in order of preference) and reasons are:
> 1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/54316230@N06/5141934927/
> -- logo with the 4 elements earth, wind, water, fire. I like the 
> concept that Mageia comes from these 4 elements of which we are all 
> connected. The concept is recognisable by most people as it is taught 
> early in most school systems. It also fits in with the "magic" of the 
> brand. The placement of the word "Mageia" would have to be worked so 
> that the logo is compact. I would prefer keeping the groups of 4 
> elements in a square pattern with "Mageia" trailing on the right hand 
> side. Perhaps the logo could be the 4 elements in a square pattern 
> with the letter "M" glued to the right hand site so that the logo 
> itself could stand alone without the Mageia word.
Both Mageia to the right and the "M" attached are good improvements.  So 
effectively either just "M" or "Mageia" to the right.
> 2.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/54316230@N06/5063070488/
> -- logo with the compass with the needle pointing to NE which is the 
> "M" for Mageia. In French there is the saying: " ... perdu le nord." 
> which means that someone has lost her/his direction or sanity / 
> reasoning. But in this case Mageia has been found because the needle 
> is pointing to the "M". I don't like the flame above the "I" of the 
> "Mageia". I would like to see a version with giving "Mageia" word a 
> gradient colour change from left (blue) to right (a colour from the 
> branding palette). Just as an experiment. I think that the icon could 
> easily stand on its own and people would eventually identify it with 
> "Mageia". There is also a French band "Solus" that sings this title 
> "Perdu le Nord" (http://vimeo.com/6878932)
Good improvements, except maybe the idea of colour gradiant.  It seems 
to me it would be better to try to simplify the image somewhat, which 
would allow the logo to scale better.  For example, to point the needle 
to "M" directly to NE, which would remove (hide) the pointers NE and SW.
Also, the font is too "busy".  It would be better to use a sans-serif 
font.  (Some do have a capital "I" with serifs for readability.)
> 3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tigger-gg/5027064477/
> -- I can't say I like the font, but I do like the idea with the tail 
> of the "M" of Mageia curling around the letter. If we could give this 
> a little more style, I think the tail "M" logo would become recognisable.
Like an "M" version of @ :)
And with a readable font.
> 4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/42998910@N02/5008234829/
> I like the idea of the orb that looks like it is either surfacing or 
> plunging into the liquid matter. It looks more like it is surfacing 
> from the liquid. I can't say that I like the angle or the font of 
> "Mageia", but the idea could work if there was an attached slogan 
> "Mageia Linux ... your orbit of knowledge." or something to help it 
> stick. I wonder it the "Mageia" would look better placed at the top of 
> the liquid waves in a quarter circle format (like the one on the image 
> but angled the opposite way).
Too magic for me.  But maybe if it showed the planet in orbit.
Mageia on top, with a normal (and readable) font would be a big improvement.
With the moon smiling at Mageia ?  Who knows ?

You could always have whatever logo chosen (hopefully with Mageia in 
it), with your slogan, on top of planet earth in orbit with the moon 
looking on with a smile ...
Great idea for a promotional cartoon.
But I digress :)
> Cheers
> Marc

my 2 cents :)

- André

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