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2010/12/9 Romain d'Alverny <rdalverny at gmail.com>

> So, expecting this from people, and for them to do this, is hard,
> sometimes very hard. It may sound a bit "elitist", it is, but in a
> good way. Because we crave people to join to coordinate and build this
> thing carefully. And that takes a lot. But that's great.
> That's great provided that it is good/rewarding to work/collaborate
> together through this - no one wants to participate in something that
> does not make one a better person. That it makes us able to deliver,
> not only great technology but a good attitude about creation, design,
> collaboration, production, delivery. That it makes us all not only
> grow as a community, but as individuals as well, within our own other
> fields.
> So indeed, again, as a default, we expect the core community to grow
> out of very committed, spontaneous, kind, patient and friendly people;
> skilled as well of course, but especially eager to learn more/better
> from each other to build more/better.
> Hi All , a long time not participating...
That words are the main principal words to read. Participation makes u a
"better person", thats
the main focused objetive to follow. The other things will arise with

After 10 years of be part of community, founding communities and walk around
my continent, I never
read that "perfect word", really, I still believe that theres strong,
commited people, focused on elevate
the quality of the person inside a community. Thats very nice to read....

I founded Fedora Argentina en 2006. I know what means found a community, and
the lot of hours , money
and some privations this task mean. 7 times more complicated and responsible
create a new distro, and
of course, a lot of ego and competition around the work from whom works a

And lets try, if it possible, evoid let grow "throlling"

Regards from Buenos Aires
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