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Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 12:37:15 CET 2010

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 20:37, José Alberto Valle Cid
<j.alberto.vc at gmail.com> wrote:
> Part of this comment
> (http://blog.mageia.org/?p=289&cpage=1#comment-442) resume very well
> for me some of the reactions (included mine) [...]
> "I expected to be more open than this" [...]
> The part between "" is key for me, we expect mageia don't repeat the
> mistakes of mandriva  , may be at this time there is not a tool to
> manage votes from community and you have to do in the way you do the
> things with logo process.

It's not even a question of tool here. The decision process was
presented, explained ahead of it to happen, several times, here, on
the wiki page, and no serious objection was raised about it. The way
this decision happened, for that matter, from the founding board,
having read, checked and reflected upon the feedback from the
community, is legitimate. Questioning this after the game is...

We will improve and use the voting platform for further decisions, but
there will be decisions that will be taken only from the board, or
from the council or from all team members, depending on the
context/decision; but not from anyone just passing by.

And remember, council/board members will be elected, for that matter.
Here, the founding board obviously takes this role for the time being,
as it triggered Mageia and sets the basic bricks.

This leads back to the team constitution process; the discussion about
which has not been closed, several weeks ago and we will have to come
to something clear before this voting process can be more widely used.

> But i think a tread in mailing list or even a dedicated mailing list
> for receive votes for logos was fit very well as poll tool :)

That's what the open discussion here (that many participated in) was
for. The board did not vote from nowhere without having checked others

We can and will improve, but please do take into account that the
decision process has been announced and open to debate long enough
before we did come to vote.



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