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Sat Dec 18 11:35:40 CET 2010

Le 17/12/2010 22:09, Daniel Kreuter a écrit :
> On Sat, Dec 11, 2010 at 11:51 AM, Wolfgang Bornath 
> <molch.b at googlemail.com <mailto:molch.b at googlemail.com>> wrote:
>     I want to point to skiper's blog, who gave the whole "Logo" issue some
>     thought. It is titled, "Mageia logo - I don't like it".
>     But what he writes is very different from the usual "I don't like it,
>     it's ugly" posts. I explains in detail why he does not like it and why
>     he thinks it is not a good choice based on objective reasons. Although
>     I do not share his opinion I want to give credit to him because he did
>     not just complain, he put some thinking and time into explaining his
>     opinion.
>     BTW: He explicitely states that he does not complain about the
>     decision finding process.
>     http://skiperdrake.wordpress.com/2010/12/11/mageia-logo-i-am-not-happy-with-it/
>     Good reading, even if it is not my opinion :)
> I just thought about his blog entry and when I think about our Logo, i 
> see the following things in it:
> Our logo represents the cauldron as it is the name of our testing 
> environment. A cauldron has something magical in it, you put things in 
> to it, and it comes something wonderful out of it, for someone not 
> knowing what the man/woman does it sounds like a mirracle. Isn't just 
> this the meaning of our philosophy? Providing the user a distribution 
> where he thinks wow it works, it don't know how but it works.
> And that's a point I see when thinking about our logo.

I hardly see the cauldron and the nest there. I don't see anything of 
all this in the logo. For me, it is just an accessibility sign that is 
not pleasant but has just been made to comply to the most strict 
guidelines and rules.

Honestly, the more I try to cope with the logo, the more I actually 
dislike it. I am really afraid of the sort of artwork I will have to 
support with such an ugly white/black thing. A simple black line could 
have been drawn, it would have been exactly the same. I use to like, or 
at least cope with many things, even the Ia Ora theme I always described 
as quite old looking, I still manage to appreciate it. But this logo 
makes me really depress about what will come next. And what worries me 
even more is that I am not alone at all in this situation.

I am really sorry, but I just want to say the truth about how I feel 
with this logo. I am so sorry, but I _really_ do not like this logo. In 
the future, if there are trolls of bad comments on it, expect me to hate 
it. I do not like myself being like this. I feel like my attitude is 
wrong, but I can see Mageia as a credible project without a credible 
logo. It may be serious, but not credible.

I hope I am wrong and that Mageia will become popular and successful, 
but I feel really sad when I see this logo I see as our flagship, and it 
really deceives me.
There is nothing nice in it.

All my apologies for this. I still accept it, but it is really hard to 
cope with a flagship you find really depressing, while you really like 
the project, want to participate in it and let it grow, working with 
people you like.
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