[Mageia-discuss] Habemus logo

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 18 14:58:46 CET 2010

2010/12/18 Thomas Lottmann <skiperdrake at gmail.com>:
> Honestly, the more I try to cope with the logo, the more I actually dislike
> it. I am really afraid of the sort of artwork I will have to support with
> such an ugly white/black thing. A simple black line could have been drawn,
> it would have been exactly the same. I use to like, or at least cope with
> many things, even the Ia Ora theme I always described as quite old looking,
> I still manage to appreciate it. But this logo makes me really depress about
> what will come next. And what worries me even more is that I am not alone at
> all in this situation.

Given a large enough number of people who comment about this you can
not be alone. A logo and/or visual design is always a topic with the
highest number of comments, so the probability of several people with
the same opinion is very high. This applies to all opinions about the
topic. The conclusion from this is that whatever design is chosen
there will be a certain number of people who will find it totally
ugly, not matching, disgusting, whatever.

Thomas, whatever sort of artwork you will be supporting with the logo,
it will not be that "black/white thing" as you are afraid of. :) As
already announced the logo is in "refinement stage" and there will be
a logo for all official things coming from the association, while
communities will have a certain scale of freedom to change colors,
etc., policy about that following soon.

So, all people looking at it and being scared by the "white/black
thing" - pls wait with your verdict until the whole process is over.


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