[Mageia-discuss] Mandriva breakage warning *** important ***

Florian Hubold doktor5000 at arcor.de
Sun Dec 19 15:37:59 CET 2010

Am 18.12.2010 20:44, schrieb Michael scherer:
> On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 08:44:00AM +0100, Juergen Harms wrote:
>> The server for the Mandriva forums appears to be (already?) broken,
>> no possibility to warn people via that evident way - maybe this copy
>> can help to minimise annoyance.
> Ok, so I doubt people will listen to me, and I know that you are trying to help,
> but this is mageia-discuss, not mandriva-discuss. 
> If we start to discuss Mandriva breakage and evolution here, people will not
> really see the 2 community as separate. And if they do not see us as a separate
> community, we will carry the bad reputation of Mandriva for the next 10 years
> because people will think "mageia == mandriva".
> So in the light of this explanation, could people please keep Mandriva related topic 
> on Mandriva mailling list ?

That's exactly why the notification only got to mandrivas bugzilla,
on IRC, and on cooker ml. Would have used the forum, but as i was looking
for the corresponding advisory i saw both web services were down at the time.
And we set up a warning thread on mandrivauser.de. I thought this was
enough to raise awareness for this problem.

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