[Mageia-discuss] Mandriva breakage warning *** important ***

P. Christeas p_christ at hol.gr
Sun Dec 19 15:55:29 CET 2010

On Saturday 18 December 2010, Michael scherer wrote:
> Ok, so I doubt people will listen to me, and I know that you are trying to
> help, but this is mageia-discuss, not mandriva-discuss.

We all know and won't deny the fact that we come from a Mandriva background 
and we still run that distro in our machines. [1]
But, apart from alerting about a mandriva issue, Mageia lists is not the place 
to have endless discussions on such matters.

However, Michael, I would play the devil's advocate and warn you all not to 
adopt those Mandriva policies that have kept the distro from suceeding in the 
past. Somehow, this "we copy all mdv stuff and methods, we just change the 
name[2] and go" attitude worries me.

[1] some of us are also keen to support Mandriva installations, let the 
transition be smooth. It is a personal choice, other's mileage may vary.

[2] and the logo, after 928542 mails of talking about it.

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