[Mageia-discuss] Fwd: Results of the App Installer Meeting

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Thu Jan 27 21:34:23 CET 2011

Le jeudi 27 janvier 2011 21:09:21, Maarten Vanraes a écrit :
> Hi, could you ask for a small editorial edit?
> Samuel: We already agreed that we would like the current Ubuntu Software
> Center to be improved and used in various distributions.
> the "We" here stands for people at that meeting, while due to the leading
> questions it seems you tell them "We(Mageia) already agreed ...".
> out of context ripping is dangerous.
> Regards,
> Maarten

I could ask, but do you think there is a real danger of mis-interpretation ? I 
said "used in various distributions" and not "used in Mageia", so this is a 
strong hint that I'm talking about the meeting in Nuremberg, to me.

But if you really feel it necessary, I can try to ask for a little modification 
(not easy, because the same sentence is already in 3 different places, once in 
the full story, twice in the interview).



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