[Mageia-discuss] Automatic selection of uid and gid at installation

Morgan Leijström fri at tribun.eu
Sun Feb 20 14:20:14 CET 2011

How ever it is done it is too much to have at install, and too error prone.

Maybe there somewhere could be a simple link to our wiki pages.

"To access your files from other operating systems, after install search our 
wiki for "acessing other partitions" URL here.

That link could also be shown in control centre where users are handled.

And in the wiki we can have all explanations, and possilbe also code snippet 
examples to paste/edit to a terminal to change user UUID/GIS, mount other 
home, etc, and update and extend it whenever needed.

(And generally i thinkit is a good idea to put much documentation in the wiki 
and point to it from various places, but there should also be backup 
information when interent is not available... local html files?)

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