[Mageia-discuss] Linux is a KERNEL not an OS

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Wed Mar 2 12:13:29 CET 2011

 On Tue, 01 Mar 2011 22:29:09 -0600, Richard Couture wrote:
> Throughout the pages at www.Mageia.org there are references to Linux
> as if it is an OS or a distribution, which in my opinion not only 
> robs
> the people of the GNU ṕroject of the credit for the great operating
> system that they have developed and maintain, but also is a great way
> for us to wave our flag of ignorance.
> How come we don't call Windows  NTLDR.EXE in a like manner that we
> are calling GNU Linux.
> It is my opinion that we are being EXTREMELY Politically incorrect
> and that we should correct ourselves now before it becomes an
> impossible project. ( Logos, posters, decals, Web Pages, promo
> material )
> The Operating system being included in the Mageia distro is called
> GNU which is often, but not always used with the Linux Kernel as well
> as many other excellent FOSS programs.
> We should be touting the Mageia Distro of GNU, Linux and assorted
> FOSS programs. NOT Mageia Linux. Let's do it right.

 I would propose that if you wish to do it right, to first do it right 
 a mageia point of view. IE, that you should first post
 on the proper ml ( ie one dedicated to web, or marketing, I would start 
 by marcom ). You
 can find the list of mailing lists on http://mageia.org/mailman/, for 
 the old system,
 and on https://ml.mageia.org/ for the new one. But the new one do not 
 hold much for the moment.

 Second, if you really want to do it right, you should IMHO start with a 
 patch, especially
 as this just html and this would likely be easy enough to be patched. 
 This would also show
 that you are doing more than posting. As Linus say, "talk is cheap, 
 show me the code".

 Three, if you really really want to do it right up, I would suggest you 
 to consider avoid
 superlative ( as extremely ) and capitals. This doesn't really achieve 
 good results for you, in my humble opinion. And if I were you, I would 
 try to rephrase stuffs that could
 be seen as insulting to others such as "wave our flag of ignorance". It 
 would really help
 your message to be well received.

 Michael Scherer

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