[Mageia-discuss] Membership handling ( was: Leave )

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 7 13:34:03 CET 2011

2011/3/7 Michael Scherer <misc at zarb.org>:
> Depend on the havoc that could be done by someone stealing a unused account.
> Someone posting on the forum under a false name will generate lots of drama,
> but nothing critical. The same goes for bugzilla, or any ml.
> Now, someone moderating a forum and wrecking havoc would be
> more problematic. The same goes for svn/git/packages/translation/etc.
> Maybe it is simple to remove membership from all group, except those seen as
> unsensitive ? ( ie, everything except default users group ).
> We also need to see when do we remove such access. IE, if someone after X
> months
> decide to find interest into doing stuff that requires Y privileges,
> what should happen ?
> - let him do it without asking ( keep Y privileges )
> - need to ask to have his privileges back
> - need to redo the whole system from start ?
> I guess that depending on X and Y, of course, and so we need to have first a
> list
> of Y.
> Let's try with that :
> - commit to developper svn
> - commit to packages svn
> - submit packages
> - commit to web svn
> - modifiy ldap
> - do sysadmin stuff ( log everywhere, touch to config )
> - planet subscription
> ( insert bugzilla stuff )
> ( insert blog privs )
> ( insert i18n stuff )
> ( insert forums stuff )
> ( isert missing stuff )
> I assume that we can all agree that a leader/deputy/board member resiging
> will have
> board/leader/deputy access removed.
> Kharec, maybe you have something to recommand to us, with regard to
> your account ?
> ( after all, you are the one who is mainly impacted, so it would be
> quite unfair to not have your opinion taken in account )

Not really matching my previous statement about "sleep time", but IMHO
the easiest and also a clear cut situation could be:

1. keep his Mageia identity
2. but remove all privileges which go beyond a "user's" permission.

"User's permissions" as being defined by what a normal user can do:
 - read all MLs, forum, wiki
 - write forum posts, edit wiki pages

In other words: he is able to follow every step Mageia takes, the
progress in his field of contribution, etc. He can stay up-to-date and
can jump in again any time he wants.

The benefit of having been a contributor before show when he returns:
He only has to express his born again interest in contributing, after
that the people in charge (sysadmin, team leaders, etc.) can just
restore all his former permissions.

This may sound a bit harsh but it is
 - easy to handle for the admins,
 - easy and clear for the contributor/user to understand what he is
entitled to do and what not,
 - easy to handle on return of the contributor.


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