[Mageia-discuss] Alpha 2 with VirtualBox 3.2.12

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Tue Mar 15 17:50:03 CET 2011


Is Alpha 2 supposed to work with vbox 3.2.12? Even with the vesa driver
selected in xorg.conf I can't go past the login screen (which in itself
seems partly dysfunctional, e.g. there's no button to select the
session type - Gnome, KDE etc.). I first get an invite to type my
password to run drak3d (why?) and then it goes back to the login screen
- presumably something crashed.

I use VirtualBox for work and therefore am rather reluctant to upgrade
to 4.x just to test Mageia ISOs - I don't want to break my current



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