[Mageia-discuss] Alpha 2 with the 700MB dual ISO

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Tue Mar 15 19:33:05 CET 2011

Ok, I re-installed from scratch and selected vesa (and disabled
composite) in the installer itself, which at least makes the DM screen
work properly. Then, though, the "GNOME/openbox" session doesn't work,
probably because GNOME isn't really available in the 700MB ISO (there
is no "task-gnome" in the available packages).

So I start LXDE instead, try to start the package manager (hoping to
add online mirrors for extra packages) and find that it isn't installed.
I then try to install rpmdrake using urpmi and it fails because of
lib64webgtk1.0 ("due to unsatisfied webkit 1.0").

So, it seems the 700MB ISO isn't really usable except if you want to
restrict yourself to testing LXDE and Firefox (or are willing to
configure extra sources by hand on the command-line).



On Tue, 15 Mar 2011 19:12:18 +0200
Ahmad Samir <ahmadsamir3891 at gmail.com>
> Two different issues...
> - the drak3d issue, make sure you select a DE from the session list in
> the display manager used (assuming you installed a DE, KDE4, GNOME,
> LXDE) while installing Mageia
> - Alpha 2 comes with vbox-4.0.4 guest-additions, this mightn't work
> with a 3.x vbox host, but first of all, there're no pre-compiled
> kernel modules in Mageia yet, so make sure the -devel package for the
> running kernel is installed then reboot so that dkms tries to build
> the vbox additions kernel modules, (you can check the status with
> 'dkms status' as root).
> - If the modules are built and it still doesn't work, then the easy
> workaround is to uninstall all the vbox package from the guest:
> dkms-vboxadditions
> x11-driver-input-vboxmouse
> x11-driver-video-vboxvideo
> virtualbox-guest-additions
> then while the guest vm is running:
> - select Device> "Install guest additions"
> - download the iso, mount it in the vm
> - switch to tty1 in the vm (by pressing the Host key + F1)
> - mount the iso:
> # mount -t iso9660 -o loop /media/cdrom
> - Install the additions:
> # cd /media/cdrom
> # ./VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run
> if you're installed the i586 edition of Mageia
> OR
> ./VBoxLinuxAdditions-amd64.run
> if you're installed the x86_64 edition of Mageia.
> Hope this works...
> -- 
> Ahmad Samir

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