[Mageia-discuss] Strange font color

Ahmad Samir ahmadsamir3891 at gmail.com
Mon May 9 06:48:17 CEST 2011

On 9 May 2011 06:43, Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin)
<franklin at goodhorse.idv.tw> wrote:
> Hi, thanks for your reply.
> Please see below.
> Ahmad Samir 於 0100-05-09 寫道:
>> Did you try changing the color scheme to Oxygen or any other one?
> Yes, I've tried many color schemes.  It did not help.
> However, I found that this might be issues about the fonts.  I imported the
> Windows fonts from my Windows partition.  Using Windows fonts are okay, that
> is, the characters shown in the task bar are black, not white.  Then I tried
> some fonts.  Only "AR PL UKai TW" shows black characters.  "AR PL UMing TW",
> or other English fonts like "Dejavu Sans", "Dejavu Serif", ... etc., all show
> white Chinese characters and black English characters.
> I have no idea what the fonts the system will use when I specify "Dejavu Sans"
> to the taskbar font and it needs to show Chinese.  I have no idea either why
> some Chinese fonts show white Chinese characters and some (acutally so far
> only one) shows black Chinese characters.
> Now my problem can be temporarily solved by specifying the fonts to AR PL UKai
> TW.  However, do you have any idea why this problem would happen?
> Thanks,
> Franklin

Unfortunately, I don't know much about Chinese fonts. Hopefully
Chinese users will chime in...

Ahmad Samir

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