[Mageia-discuss] Easyurpmi forMageia ?

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Sun May 22 10:21:17 CEST 2011

2011/5/22 Michael Scherer <misc at zarb.org>:
> Le dimanche 22 mai 2011 à 05:51 +0200, Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :
>> I haven't used EasyUrpmi, but I used the other (similar) web tool
>> SmartUrpmi regularly.
>> My reason was not to add PLF or any other repo (MUD or other). My main
>> reason was my dislike of the %MIRRORLIST system of Mandriva, you could
>> get connected to a very slow mirror or even to one which was not
>> uptodate without urpmi being able to switch to another mirror during
>> one session (a known bug). So I used SmartUrpmi to select a mirror
>> which I knew to be fast, reliable and uptodate instead of playing
>> lottery with %MIRRORLIST.
> There is likely stuff to improve with mirrorlist selection indeed ( I
> would add AS number to it, as well as bandwidth, and push a smarter
> system in urpmi one day to get nearer mirros, and add some weight based
> on network related stuff ), but since everybody work around it, no one
> is motivated to improve it or provides information for that. So because
> people able to fix focus on not facing the problem and because there is
> a know workaround, newer users face the problem.

As soon as the %MIRRORLIST system
 - checks the fastest mirror before using it
 - checks the update status of the mirror before using it
 - switches to another mirror if the selected mirror is not reachable
or not uptodate
I will gladly forget all webtools and dedicated mirror selection.
(I remember writing almost the same at least 2 years ago in a same
discussion at Mandriva)

> Worst, since people focus on specific mirrors ( d-c being the prime
> example ), the mirror slowly become more and more overloaded with
> requests, forcing admin of using complex scheme to divide the
> ressources.

You can't avoid this. Users want to be connected to teh mirror which
provides the best service, you can't force them to use a slow mirror
just to protect better mirrors.

>> Today with Mageia this risk is not high because there are not so many
>> mirrors around my residence. But I still would like to select a
>> dedicated mirror (my own mirror) from such a list as provided by the
>> web tool.
> It can already be done.

Read my previous mail.


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