[Mageia-discuss] User support mailing list?

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Wed Jun 8 00:07:43 CEST 2011

Le mardi 07 juin 2011 à 14:05 -0400, Marc Paré a écrit :
> Le 2011-06-07 09:57, Michael Scherer a écrit :
> >
> >> At this early point of development we need user feedback from the user
> >> community regarding our distro. What, I wonder, is the rationale for
> >> limiting the chance of collecting more data from our user base?
> >
> > Are you volunteer to collect and summarize feedback from the existing
> > tools ?
> >
> > If the answer is "no", then we will not do anything with more feedback,
> > except doing false hope to people.
> >
> > If the answer is "yes", show us the work.
> >
> Sure, what would you like me to do.
> FYI ... I was an active contributor to the Mageia marketing team but 
> have had 3 spinal surgeries since last April where I have had to relearn 
> how to walk each time. I had my last one April 1st and am still in 
> recovery which has cut up my volunteer time a bit. I am also holding the 
> mageia.ca domain which is pointing to the mageia.org site.

Ouch, I hope you are going to get well ( if this is not already the case

> If you are saying that this will help convince you that bridging these 
> together are a good idea, then no problem.

Well, I would be indeed more convinced that we need more feedback once
we do something useful with the feedback we have.
Having feedback is just one part of the whole schema, and IMHO, first we
complete everything ( ie, what to do with feedback, ), then we grow.

> Let me know what you need done. I am hoping to re-join the Mageia 
> marketing team but am lurking for the moment.
> Marc
> NB I am also active on the LibreOffice marketing team.

If you have time ( cause of course I can understand people do not have
time ), I guess the first thing would be to define a process and some
document that can summarize the feedback. 

For example, do we gather feedback continuously or organize some
campaign ? 

What form would take such gathering, ie, actively asking to people,
reading and noting stuff on a list ? when do "reports" ?

Do we list points that people want to address, do we organize some chat
with member of others team to check what can be done, etc ?

Once there is a process, then we can follow it, and then we can start to
expand, and tweak it. But I am not in marketing, and I have personally
enough feedback to keep me busy for the next few months, so maybe the
first question would be "who will use such feedback"

Michael Scherer

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