[Mageia-discuss] Wy only firefox 5?

Sander Lepik sander.lepik at eesti.ee
Wed Jun 22 00:08:05 CEST 2011

22.06.2011 00:48, Radu-Cristian FOTESCU kirjutas:
> Hold on. Find me another product with such a short lifetime:
> FF 4.0 was released on March 22, 2011
> FF 5.0 was released on June 21, 2011
> That makes it THREE MONTHS ONLY!!!
> Believe me, I am using FF because I am used with it and no other browser has:
> -- HttpFox
> -- select text, right-click, View Source (for selection)
> -- menu bar and everything "the classic way", not like Chrome/Chromium
> Otherwise,
> I hate Mozilla more than I hate Apple,
> I hate Apple more than I hate Google,
> I hate Google more than I hate Microsoft,
> and I really hate Microsoft.
> R-C
That's a lot of hating - not good for your health :) Google releases Chrome in every 6 weeks 
AFAIK. Firefox and other Mozilla's projects are now somewhat rolling. They change less in 
time so add-ons are easier to make compatible. For normal user there is no difference is it 
4, 5, 6 or something else. Update should be silent AFAIK.

Mozilla is losing users and to catch up with Chrome they need to move faster. 6 weeks in 
devel, 6 weeks in aurora and 6 weeks in beta. That's enough time to get new features that 
are stable. And beta is quite freezed so it's more than enough time for add-on developer to 
make add-on compatible.

You might hate Mozilla but i like them. Thanks to them we have open web.


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