[Mageia-discuss] Kmail

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 17 18:17:36 CEST 2011

2011/7/17 Oliver Burger <oliver.bgr at googlemail.com>:
> 2011/7/17 Wolfgang Bornath <molch.b at googlemail.com>:
>> 2011/7/17 Maarten Vanraes <maarten.vanraes at gmail.com>:
>>> I'd like to block complete threads that are started by a specific person on the
>>> -dev ML
>>> also if he would reply to a thread, all threading further down that chain...
>> Ok, it's OT but what would you gain by that? You would not have to
>> read the mails of this specific person, fine, but you will also miss
>> all other mails by all other people participating in such threads. And
>> what makes you believe that neither this spcific person nor all others
>> will not say anything of interest for you in such threads?
>> In an environment like this here - especially the -dev list - I regard
>> this way as counter-productive for yourself but also for all others,
>> to say the least.
> Wobo, of course you are right, but as I wrote in of of those threads
> in dev yesterday, when people start to
> - calling other people names (and people who have worked for years on
> all kinds of FLOSS projects)
> - discredit other people's work
> - affront other people
> I have to ignore them before I tell them what I do think of them...
> I do not and that's not really good for my health :/

Ok, I can see the reason and I must admit that this thread was kind of
a shock to me - I would not have thought that we would experience such
a disgusting behavior in a technical mailing list. It went very fast
beyond a limit so I refreined from giving my opinion there.

That said, I would still think twice about a general block like
Maarten wrote, the disadvantage may be too much and I think I would
not let one or two bad guys stand in my way of information.


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