[Mageia-discuss] MANDATORY READ : 7 days before misc unleashes CERBERUS !

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Wed Sep 14 23:06:07 CEST 2011

You may know it or not, many packages have no maintainer. This is due to the 
fact that we had no maintainer database when we boostrapped the distribution.

Excluding perl packages (a lot of packages, all maintained by jq), we have :
1118 packages with a maintainer
4931 without a maintainer !

Full list: http://pkgsubmit.mageia.org/data/maintdb.txt

As a result, many bugs are sleeping in bugzilla, because the triage team 
doesn't know who to assign them to. If we want our distribution to succeed, 
this is a situation that can't continue.

Misc has a proposal to solve this : the next first submitter to an unmaintained 
package will automatically get maintainership for it ! And after some time, if 
a package still has no maintainer, it is dropped from the distribution.

However, before we come to this, I obtained a little delay by promising I will 
try to make YOU grab as much packages as possible !

SO PLEASE SHOW YOU'RE WITH ME, and demonstrate to misc that we haven't tried 
hard enough to make the packagers step in and become maintainers :)

The objective for the 7 following days is to reach 2000 packages with a 
maintainer (not counting perl packages, still). I will send you daily results. 
Deadline is the next packager meeting.

GO !

Packagers with submit rights can participate, but apprentices too, because we 
really need everybody's help here ! If your mentor agrees to take the 
maintainership instead of you until you get commit rights, tell him what 
packages you want to maintain.

In the following days, all your keyboard should see is: 

mgarepo maintdb set packagename yourlogin

Best regards

Samuel Verschelde, going to grab some packages

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