[Mageia-discuss] Big printing issue with HP Photosmart 7150 and Mageia

Florian Hubold doktor5000 at arcor.de
Sun Sep 18 17:27:03 CEST 2011

Am 17.09.2011 19:09, schrieb Thomas Lottmann:
> Le 12/09/2011 20:26, Thomas Lottmann a écrit :
>> Le 04/09/2011 16:59, Patricia Fraser a écrit :
>>>> Am 04.09.2011 16:28, schrieb Thomas Lottmann:
>>>>> I already tried several times this option, does not change
>>>>> anything. I have another HP printer here that seems to print
>>>>> quite fine, aside of little issues (especially bad printing
>>>>> quality).
>>>> Maybe you could upload the output of hp-check -t and hp-info -i
>>>> to some pastebin so you could compare it to somebody else's output.
>>>> I'd help you further with this, but i haven't got any printer
>>>> here :(
>>> You could also try running hp-setup - see if it helps...
>>> Pastes of my ouput are here:
>>> hp-check -t: http://pastebin.com/13M79uJ1
>>> hp-info -i: http://pastebin.com/tyHeMYCz
>>> Cheers!
>> Hello,
>> My apologies for answering so late. I was overwhelmed.
>> Here are my logs. I do have errors.
>> hp-check -t: http://pastebin.com/zpKEdESu
>> hp-info -i: http://pastebin.com/vN8nErFG
>> From now on, I still do not know what to do.
>> Thank you for your help.
>> Thomas.
> I had no answer to this mail. Does any one have a clue?
Well, from your logs you still run the old hplip version.
Could you please rerun hp-check -r -t with the newer hplip?
The errors are mostly for compile-time dependencies, which
you don't need for running hplip. But seems there's a problem
with dbus on your box from the log.

Also /var/log/cups/error.log would be helpful.

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