[Mageia-discuss] HP all in one DeskJet 1050 J410

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Florian Hubold wrote:

> Am 18.09.2011 07:01, schrieb blind Pete:
>> on Fri, 16 Sep 2011 23:15
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>> TJ wrote:
>>> On 09/16/2011 06:56 AM, Florian Hubold wrote:
>> [snip]
>>>> Did you check that the printer itself prints a testpage correct
>>>> and not that maybe the ink cardridge is dried in?
>>> Agreed. If you haven't checked it, try making a black copy. I know that
>>> if I don't use my Officejet for 2-3 months, the black can stop flowing.
>>> Generally, removing the cartridge and dabbing the nozzle area with a
>>> damp paper towel is all that's needed to get it going again.
>> How could I test that the printer itself is working?  That is what the
>> "Test Page" is for.
>> > From some distributions (Fedora 14, I think) it does print black, but
>> that was missing something else - text I think.
> Look at the manual, normally you hold down one key during powerup of
> the printer, and it starts to print a selftest, which is builtin to the printer 
> itself.
> You can also print a diagnosis page with supply materials information
> and how many pages the printer already did and such. Should be in the manual.
> If you can't find it, report back here and i'll find it for you.

There are two "manuals".  One is a sheet of paper and the other is 
slightly better.  Also, there is a CD.  I can't even get an alignment 
page printed.  :-(  

blind Pete
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