[Mageia-discuss] Blogdrake repository for Mageia

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Sun Oct 2 01:51:37 CEST 2011

José Alberto Valle Cid a écrit :
>> Please note that installing packages from such a repository can be very
>> convenient (and it's kind from Blogdrake to provide those packages to users),
>> but like in Mandriva, I would advise to not install too much packages from
>> there (or any other 3rd party repository), because it can make upgrades to the
>> next Mageia distribution (Mageia 2) fail.
> Considering that jaoquin packages maybe will be included in mga 2,
> maybe complications with this particular packages are close to 0, or
> not?
> And where is the fun if all is smooth ?XD

I think it's great that you are migrating packages from Blogdrake to 
Assuming that you follow Mageia policies of course, including what can 
be imported and how, and supporting them afterwards.
We'd all like to see your energies be part of our team :)

As you say, once packages are inside Mageia, they are much much less 
likely to cause things to fail.

I understand that Blogdrake is focused on Mageia.  Or at least, you have 
packages focused on Mageia.
If that is the case, once a package is migrated to Mageia, it would be a 
very good idea to remove it from Blogdrake and support it directly in 
Mageia.  Again, to minimise the chance of problems.

As for fun, personally I think it is more fun if everything works :)

Regards :)


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