[Mageia-discuss] Blogdrake repository for Mageia

José Alberto Valle Cid j.alberto.vc at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 03:32:30 CEST 2011

> I understand that Blogdrake is focused on Mageia.  Or at least, you have
> packages focused on Mageia.

Not focus to mageia, but in the mandriva side of the repository we not
have some like joaquin :(

> If that is the case, once a package is migrated to Mageia, it would be a
> very good idea to remove it from Blogdrake and support it directly in
> Mageia.  Again, to minimise the chance of problems.

Blogdrake repository is for versions or applications that not exist in
the official repositories for the actual version, and for introduce to
people interested to the rpm packaging world ;)

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