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Joaquin Mandriva joaquinmandriva at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 17:31:12 CEST 2011

First of all, thank you to everyone for all your comments and interest!

>Samuel Verschelde:

>Great, I really like it when user communities get involved directly in the
>project rather than doing everything outside ! :)

We are very glad in blogdrake to help a distribution with such good
intentions as Mageia, so we wish all its success.

>José Jorge:

>Good. And at first, I suggest you remove everything that is already in
>repos as updates : smc, cegui, etc.
>Keeping them will just add mess.

All the programmes of my repository has been checked:
- The packages are not in Cauldron.
- They are updated to the latest version.
- They have been checked the licences and written in file spec.
- Installed and run (in Mageia 1).
- Checked with rpmlint and cleaned file specs to verify the conditions of
(Everything in Mageia 1, not in Cauldron yet)

The result of this work is the following list:

Also with the directory of srpms:

I've uploaded to BS already the first 2 programmes (flaw y fimount) with the
help of
my mentor Juan Luis Baptiste (aka Juancho) and we want to continue with this

All your collaboration to get the final step, would be Welcome:
- Try to pack all these packages in Cauldron
- Upload to BS
There are many packages and it is too much work for one person.


>Philipe Didier

>Just one thing to correct : your repos addresses are :

Thanks! The right URL is the one you show.

>First thing I must say : it's a very good idea to upload these packages
>to the BS and join the packagers team instead of providing third party
>repos that will soon create compatibility problems (as in the past for
>Mandrake and Mandriva with Thac's or MIB or others)

The main target of this repository is to have the major quantity of these
Programmes in Mageia 2 and, in the meanwhile, to have a repository in which
the users of Mageia can enjoy of a lot of programmes, wanting to use the
distribution more and more.

Frankly, I don't agree the policy of MIB. Even, MIB declared openly that it
doesn't like Mageia (see the official website)

I tried to avoid packing libraries (compatiblity problems), so I have just
packed only the neccesary libraries  to do some programmes work

>The second thing is : before uploading them you will have to be careful
>with the repos policy (core tainted non-free)
>In your own repo, there is a problematic package : faac (and libfaac0
>libfaac-devel) which is both non-free and tainted ...
>After long dicussions on the mailing list a meeting decision was not to
>provide it at the moment (nor the packages built with it...)
>If a non-free-&-tainted repo is created for Mageia2, in the future, it
>will be then allowed ... wait and see !

Then I'm not going to upload any programme which use faac to BS, until a
non-free-&-tainted repo is created for Mageia2 (audiokonverter y cinelerra
will wait) ;-)

I have a list of all the packages in which I show the license of each
packages to avoid making mistakes with licenses:

Also with the directory of srpms:


>José Jorge:

>hi, I am packaging games in mageia, so maybe I can help bring faster
>repos. Is there a way to say which packages I start working on?

My friend GregoryBravas (admin from http://blogdrake.net) created a post
with all
the games in blogdrake repository. I think you should visit it before
packing yourself,
to avoid any extra-work!

Also see the previous list:

In my blog you also can see the emulators (games) packed for Mageia:
(The blue list on the right at the end)

I take the advantage to thank Bravas for all his help packing all these
and much more programmes!! ;-)

Best Regards,
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