[Mageia-discuss] MANDATORY READ : 7 days before misc unleashes CERBERUS !

Maarten Vanraes maarten at rmail.be
Tue Oct 4 19:36:59 CEST 2011

Op dinsdag 04 oktober 2011 19:16:13 schreef Juergen Harms:
> What I mean is: the team that made Mageia 1 has done a great job - it is
> evident, that they are needed to play a similar leading role with
> Mageia2. Off-loading all (most) work concerned with keeping Mageia1 in
> shape to maintainers is the evident solution to keep their load within
> limits - another aspect why having maintainers is essential (I assume
> that, at present, if an essential package is broken and has no
> maintainer, the developers play a role as a last ressort).

imho, that's not exactly how things go.

you have to think that people who made mageia 1 (with regards to packaging) 
are the ones who are now maintainer of a lot of programs, and maintaining 
means fixing all the bugs reports of mageia1 AND if they want to, releasing new 
versions in cauldron.

fixing bug reports in mageia1 has priority, because usually a while before 
freeze is coming, there's a quick jump of alot of maintainers releasing their 
newest version so that it gets into mageia2.

you have to keep in mind that Cauldron is exactly what it says, a development 
version, not one to be used by users (normally), cauldron is not the version 
that needs support. only increasingly when mageia2 release schedule comes 
nearer is when stableness is required in cauldron. (the time inbetween also 
has to be used to make features and sadly those features are mostly being done 
by the same people who maintain packages.)

So each packagers/developer has to manage their time wisely between 
implementing the features that they have promised to do (the exact featurelist 
is fixed a while ago), and also fixing old bugs and IF they have the time, fixing 
bugs in cauldron.

as such, we need more maintainers, but they have to be mentored, so it always 
takes a while.

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