[Mageia-discuss] Network connection at install time

Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Mon Oct 10 00:50:25 CEST 2011

On 10/09/2011 06:08 PM, Len Lawrence wrote:
> No, the network is not up.  I install from the DVD.  It is at the end 
> of the installation that the script offers to try to connect.  As I 
> said, failure at this point does not bother me because I am not 
> inclined to install the updates at that point anyway - could make it a 
> very long night.  I had thought about a bug report but had no data.  
> However, on my next install I shall be prepared.  Thanks for the 
> information on how to capture the required data.  And these failures 
> apply across several different systems and network hardware, wired or 
> wireless, and always from CD or DVD. The installations have nearly 
> always been straightforward (60-70 altogether) save for the inability 
> to connect to the net.  My experience shows that this is merely a 
> glitch but newcomers might fear that this means no networking after 
> first boot.  I cannot believe that this is not a common problem.

As far as I know, neither Mageia nor Mandriva support the use of 
wireless during install, if that clears anything up.

If the network failure is with a wired interface (eth0), then you have a 
simple way to verify this without going very far into an install.  On 
the DVD, in the {i586/x86_64}/install/images directory, find and burn 
the boot.iso to a CD-R(W).  Then boot that CD, it ENTER for install, and 
choose HTTP from the options.  The installer will ask you several 
questions about what your network connection requires.  If you get as 
far as having it ask you  for the name of the HTTP server, then your 
network card works with the installer.  If you don't, the messages on 
VC1/3/4 will probably tell you why.  None of this will affect anything 
on your machine, so it's a non-intrusive test.

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