[Mageia-discuss] Setting up NFS shares with MCC -- fixing etc/fstab

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Wed Oct 19 21:16:52 CEST 2011

Hi Kevin

Le 2011-10-19 14:29, KevinO a écrit :

> You're missing a fundamental point, Marc. If your boxes can't find each other by
> name (by converting the name to an IP), they can't communicate by name.
> Your network is not adequately setup for that, since you haven't provided any way
> for the boxes to know who they are, by name. This problem exists for ANY network
> of computers, whether Windows, Mageia, MacOS, etc..
> Wiki: DNS
> man: /etc/hosts , /etc/resolve.com
> I think there is a graphical tool in mcc to enter the names and IP addresses of
> hosts. If so, use that. (I don't have time right now to boot my laptop and look)

I will take a look or, if someone could point me to it, this would be great.

The point I am trying to make is that, Mageia claims to be able to set 
NFS shares (as well as Samba shares) through the MCC. But, in my case, 
it does not. I am wondering if it is the same for everyone else? Can 
anyone establish NFS shares without any fiddling other than through the 
MCC shares section? If this is not possible, then we should make Mageia 
able to do so right from the installation. If the network needs setting 
up by unique name identifiers, then this should perhaps be done at some 
point during the installation in anticipation of a user setting up shares.

Being able to setup shares easily with other computers is still 
considered cool by users. A distro that makes this easy will be more 
attractive to users.



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