[Mageia-discuss] KDE compatibility issue

Barry Jackson zen25000 at zen.co.uk
Wed Nov 16 17:41:52 CET 2011

On 12/11/11 16:22, Juergen Harms wrote:
> I am using precisely the same solution as morgan: for each bootable
> file-system its own /home directory, all my permanent data live in a
> separate (non-bootable) file-system (yes, and with binary uid/gid-to-
> alphanumeric name mappings that match).

Yes I think that may be the way to go. I do already have most of my data 
in a separate partition, including some branches of .kde4 that hold KDE 
application configurations.
I will miss all the syncronization of desktop settings that I use, but 
seems it's not to be until Cauldron/mga1 KDE versions are closer together.

> Several advantages to this solution:
> - coexistance between conflicting version-dependant private folders (the
> problem of Barry. for instance .kde4/..., but the same problem may
> arrise for other applications)

Surprisingly I don't see any other issues and I have run this 
arrangement for a long time now. (and previously in mdv)

> - sharing of permanent data between bootable file-systems (multi-boot
> between different OSses - or cauldron and Mageia1)
> - ease for backup - I make daily backups only of the permanent data
> file-system.

Hmm. I would still also backup /home as it's usually the ~/.* files that 
need restoring when things go pear shaped ;)

> To make life easy with such a solution, I use a script that, when I
> install a new system, creates links form its /home directory to
> directories in the file-system that contains my permanent data.

Yes I already do this and it is getting bigger - it also installs all my 
favorite applications and makes all the tweaks to the system config that 
I use.

> (Except
> for the user to be declared at sys-install, uid/gid-to-name mapping can
> also be standardised with the help of simple scripts - not really
> necessary if there are just some few users.)

Only me so it's manual

> De-facto, my /home directory has only 3 functions: (1) contain files and
> directories like .bashrc or .kde4/, (2) contain the links to my
> permanent data directories, (3) for use as support for scratch data that
> is not backed up and does not need to be carefully structured.

Yes I like it - I am most of the way there, but more to do.

Since it is only ~/.kde4 that is causing issues currently, I did try to 
create symlinks to different copies of ~/.kde4 by placing the ln command 
in each system's /etc/rc.d/rc.local however it failed.
Not sure why yet :\ Any ideas?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and confirming that I am working along 
the right lines.


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