[Mageia-discuss] Dual-booting Mageia

Richard richardwest at leiston.info
Sat Dec 15 17:43:44 CET 2012

On Saturday 15 December 2012 15:38:58 Anne Wilson wrote:
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> A young man who has steadfastly used Windows all his life is at last
> beginning to wonder if he should try Linux.  I'm thinking that the
> best thing for him would be to put Mageia onto a usb drive - I have a
> spare cradle and a drive that I could wipe for him.  I've no qualms
> about the actual install, until it comes to the bit where it asks
> where to put the boot record.  Is drive A first sector the best place
> in this setup?  What would happen if he tried to boot without the new
> drive attached?
> I've never done it quite like this before, but since he is a laptop
> and tablet user, a second internal drive isn't an option, and he won't
> want to split his drive, as he is an artist/photographer so stores
> large files.
> Anyone care to advise me?  I don't want to offer this until I'm sure I
> can do it in a way that won't cause both of us hassle.
> Thanks
> Anne
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Personally, I'd put the boot record on the removable drive then use the 
hardware boot selector to select the drive to boot. That way nothing is 
touched on the original install so nothing should be able to go wrong.

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