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Sat Dec 15 18:01:52 CET 2012

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On 15/12/12 16:37, jpbfree wrote:
> Le 15/12/2012 16:38, Anne Wilson a écrit : A young man who has
> steadfastly used Windows all his life is at last beginning to
> wonder if he should try Linux.  I'm thinking that the best thing
> for him would be to put Mageia onto a usb drive - I have a spare
> cradle and a drive that I could wipe for him.  I've no qualms about
> the actual install, until it comes to the bit where it asks where
> to put the boot record.  Is drive A first sector the best place in
> this setup?  What would happen if he tried to boot without the new 
> drive attached?
> I've never done it quite like this before, but since he is a
> laptop and tablet user, a second internal drive isn't an option,
> and he won't want to split his drive, as he is an
> artist/photographer so stores large files.
> Anyone care to advise me?  I don't want to offer this until I'm
> sure I can do it in a way that won't cause both of us hassle.
> Thanks
> Anne
> Don't know if this will help, but i made a USB key (should be the
> same with a usb drive) close to what was once mdk/v everywhere.
> here are the steps: 1/from my laptop I started with a live CD (live
> usb stick should work also) 2/boot on the live cd/stick and install
> the distib on the USB stick/drive as you would do for a internal
> drive. 3/when asked if you want to remove drivers for unused
> hardware say no (keep them). 4/ intall the boot sector on this
> stick/drive. 5/that's all
> I did that on a cheap 32GB USB stick and in addition at install
> time I partitioned the key and copy part of my /home on it
> (thunderbird and some documents/photos).
> I booted my home server, my desktop machine and my old iron of
> AcerAspire ONE with that key without problems. (They all have
> different drive controler and different video cards).
Thanks - that sounds a good idea.

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