[Mageia-discuss] Even a Mageia 3 beta 1 rocks ! :)

Vinet Raphaël superaphke at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 14:38:55 CET 2012

Hi all,

Just to say thank you for the quality of the mageia 3 beta 1 !

I bought a new pc (Asus X55a) for my mum originaly equipped with windows 8 and 
I wanted to use Mageia only on it

Mageia 1 or 2 - Problems encountered (after installation):
No ethernet card and no wifi card ... a pc without that is nearly not useful
Found on internet a possible solution with ndiswrapper (not tried)

... as it is a new pc so no risk to loose something important and so no 
problem to try a complete new version of mageia (the 3) :p 

Mageia 3:
I used the live one (64 bits). 
Here under the problems I had (i will not open new bugzilla tickets because I 
will not have this pc in some days and so I won't be able to try solution ;))
- If using the live mode : in some point during the instlallation I had just a 
black screen (complete freeze in the level not to do anything else to a hard 
- So using the installation mode

Problems encountered with this live 64 - beta 1 in installation mode using kde 
for windows manager :
- apparently better to use the grub2 instlall and not the grub entry: if not 
it is like to use it as a live version --> black screen in some point)
- alt-f2 for searching applications --> crash
- problem to recover internet connection after using sleep to ram or sleeping 
to hard disk --> no problem with the wifi connexion itself (if I look the 
applet) but you have not the internet connexion anymore --> if i want the 
internet connexion back I must to create another new internet connexion (maybe 
loosing the fact that it is/was a wpa with key ???) or to do a complete 
restart of the pc

So (MY) conclusion:
Just GREAT ! Even the fact it is only a beta and even it is just the FIRST 
beta it can be used normaly  for my mum with little restrictions for the 
suspend mode (HP printer, usb key, sound, mouse, using an external screen with 
Intel card, ... all OK)  :)


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