[Mageia-discuss] Cultural difference: "Let your yes be yes" <---> "It is rude to say no"

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 13 08:42:25 CEST 2012

All this leaves me wondering open-mouthed. Wondering how people yould
manage their daily lives when they don't want to use a clear negative
answer to a question where "yes" and "no" would cause different

Marjy, if I'd ask you "Would it be ok when I come visiting next week?"
I need a valid answer because if you say "yes" I will buy a ticket and
hop on the train next monday. And I'd be very surprised if I will
knock on your door and you are not there because you said "yes" just
out of being polite.

Or does this "yes/no" thing only apply when you are asked to do
something? If so, I still don't think it is rude to reply "no" where
"no" is the correct answer. Actually I find it quite rude to give the
other the impression of being ready to do something while I have not
the slightest intention to really do it.

Of course I accept local habits, but we should not do this here in
this environment. As our communication is only written, without the
extra benefit of face mimic and body language, we need to be precise
in such things where the answer to a question bears consequences for
each and all. I think people working in an international environment
should accept this.


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