[Mageia-discuss] xen and grub

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Sat Jul 14 08:29:04 CEST 2012

Jim Whitby a écrit :
> Trying to create a grub entry for zen.
> I have the following at present.
> title Xen 3.0 / XenLinux 2.6
> root (hd0,4)
> kernel /boot/xen.gz dom0_mem=512000
> module /boot/vmlinuz-3.3.6-server-2.mga2 ro
> xen boots, but vmlinuz panics with ( as far as I can see )
> failure to mount unknown fs on 0,0
> The fs is xfs, which shouldn't be the problem. Not sure what the 0,0 
> refers to, xen or vmzinuz or ?.
> This is a mg2 x64 install. I was kinda surprised that a grub entry was 
> not created by installing xen.
> Anyway, does anyone have any advice on how to setup grub for xen?
grub looks for vmlinuz and the kernel in /boot in the same partition.
your grub is configured to boot to (0,4) which is sda5
(0,0) would be the first partition of the first disk, or sda1.
So some wild guesses :
- check that /boot is on sda5
- check that there is a formatted partition on sda1
- assuming that you are using a typical MBR- partitioned disk, sda5 
would be in an extended partition.  It may be that xfs has problems 
booting to extended partitions.
- maybe the dom0 means that it expects to put a file on the first 
partition, sda1.
Is this partition big enough ?   Or is 512k big enough ?  Does it have 
the right partition type ?

These are all wild guesses, as I'm not at familiar with Xen.

As Al13n says, we'd really appreciate you joining QA to test Xen for QA.
Or the packaging team to package Xen.

Regards :)


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