[Mageia-discuss] What is your motivation? (about American English in Mageia for British users)

Marek Laane bald at smail.ee
Wed Jul 25 01:05:29 CEST 2012

2012/7/25 RICHARD WALKER <richard.j.walker at ntlworld.com>

> I feel I must register my support for Graham's position (insofar as I
> understand it from the précis in this thread) as I have suffered
> almost in silence for years from the jarring effect of finding
> mis-spellings of common words scattered willy-nilly in Mageia and
> previously Mandriva installations.
> Whilst I have come to recognise that many of these instances are in
> fact regarded as standard usage in the written form of another
> language (a closely related fork of my native language), I do not
> regard that as any sort of excuse for their persistence in an
> environment I have configured to be en_GB.
> If any Mageia "translators" are changing colour to color or centre to
> center then unless they are doing it for en_US then they are quite
> simply mistaken. If they do not understand the mistake then they would
> probably be better employed in some other work, not translation. If
> they are not native English speakers then the mistake is
> understandable (not acceptable, just understandable) but I do not
> think that there can be any justification for a policy that says en_US
> translations should be forced on en_GB users.
> Richard

Well, I'm not sure I do understand at all what this discussion is about but
still do have some thoughts to share. It's nowhere established, of course,
but still almost the rule software is "written" in American English.
Therefore most projects have a dedicated translation team which
"translates" software in British English. AFAIK (and I'd be pleased to know
I'm not right) Mageia (and before Mandriva/Mandrake) sadly didn't and don't
have such team though sporadically there have been some efforts or at least
proposals ... Until there won't be en_GB translators for Mageia, all you
get if you choose en_GB are translations in en_GB for the software which
has been translated in British English (e.g. KDE or Firefox etc.)

Marek Laane
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