[Mageia-discuss] Multiseat and pulseaudio

Glen Ogilvie nelg at linuxsolutions.co.nz
Mon Nov 19 10:33:23 CET 2012


Been trying to get pulseaudio to do what I want in a multiseat

I have multiseat X working correctly, and both users are in the same room,
so would like
the sound for both users to come out my single set of speakers.   I have
been having some trouble getting pulseaudio/ConsoleKit/policykit to do what
I want.

Has anyone setup something like this before in Mageia 2?

My current problem is, that whoever logs in first gets the sound card, and
other user gets a pulseaudio dummy server.   I have found a few different
blog posts, some recommending running pulseaudio --system.   This however
seems more difficult than it should be, and when I try, I get the error:

Failed to acquire org.pulseaudio.Server:
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Connection ":1.683" is not allowed
to own the service "org.pulseaudio.Server" due to security policies in the
configuration file

I think this is because I might need to add something to

but, I am not sure exactly what, or how this works.

Suggestions would be welcome.

Glen Ogilvie
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