[Mageia-discuss] One Beta more install story

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Sat Feb 25 12:00:50 CET 2012

Beta looks great, chapeau!

Some issues remain

- The configuration of the network interface during installation still 
does not work (failure message after "Testing your connection"), but at 
the first boot a correctly working network connection is there. Does 
somebody know if a bug has already been / needs to be filed on that?

- Urpmi fails to mount the cdrom when trying to install additional media 
with the error message "Mount point /media/cdrom does not exist". 
Work-around: insert (and mount) the DVD before launching urpmi. I have 
seen mention of this on the Dev ML - is probably been taken care of 
(looks like an aftermath of the DVD mount problem fixed during alpha).

- Impossible to create media of type "file" - urpmi.addmedia complains 
about missing genhdlist2 (bugzilla #4690).

- dbus notification message after the desktop has come up (one single 
time, no negative effects afterwards)
	Error: service disabled
	Error while initializing DBus
	Disabling service
    Did already happen in Alpha

- Kde still has 2 seriously annoying problems:
     + the active titlebar does not have the colour it should, inactive 
windows are not easily distinguishable from active windows (bugzilla #3493)
     + impossible to move menu subdirectories to the taskbar: the 
regression that the pullup menus dont work is back (same thing as during 
the initial months of kde4) (bugzilla #3538).

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