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> OK, you have two PCs on a private network with addresses in the range
> 192.168.?.?.


> You reported only 192.?.?.? If that is accurate then the addresses are
> public, meaning if I knew what they are then I could reach them from
> here.

I am being brief and anonymous; the address are 192.168...

> Let's check your network mask so we know the extent of your private
> network. Use the ifconfig command in a console (you might need to be
> root for this) and look for the line in the output for your eth?
> interface which looks something like this;
> inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:

Correct, my computers has the same 'bcast' and 'mask' addresses.

> You can see on mine that the mask is which means that
> only the eight bits of the final octet can be used on my network for
> unique addresses - 0 to 255. So what is your network mask?

exactly the same

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