[Mageia-discuss] Handbooks - the lot

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Wed Mar 7 17:46:56 CET 2012

Upgrading to KDE 4.8.1 I realised that substantial time is lost 
downloading fat handbooks that I do not need.

After taking a closer look, I threw out 65 handbooks which I never asked 
for and which I do not need. Looking into the details of this flood (rpm 
-q with a filter for handbooks), the following facts become clear

- the upgrade to kde 4.8.1 added the 4.8.1 handbooks without 
uninstalling the corresponding 4.8.0 versions
- I am getting (lots of) handbooks for games, where the games themselves 
are not installed (I use a minimum install, nevertheless get some games 
which I remove with urpme kdegames4 - I suspect that this forgets to 
remove the corresponding handbooks).
- I am getting (non-requested) kde-l10n-handbooks for french, german and 
en_GB, probably due to the fact that these languages are specified in 
the kde locale (languages tab) - to support spellchecking and 
hyphenation, that should not trigger the handbooks

This is (a) a multiplicator for the time spent downloading and 
upgrading, and (b) a substantial waste of storage.

I used urpmi --auto-orphans (no negative effects) to get rid of the 
major part of this flood.

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